Medical Pedicures and Manicures

There’s no safer or cleaner place in the Bay Area to get a relaxing pedicure or manicure than at the SVPG medical spa! If you’ve ever picked up a fungal or bacterial infection after a spa day (it’s more common than you’d think), you already know how important this is.

All of our reusable tools are made from stainless steel and sterilized after every client in a surgical-grade autoclave. All other tools and equipment are never reused—you can take them home if you wish; otherwise we’ll dispose of them. We even provide waterless pedicures and manicures as a great option for high-risk guests, which completely eliminates the risk of contaminated water recirculating in pipes and tubes.

And of course, our technicians are fully licensed and trained, and our physicians are often conveniently available for a quick consult when necessary.