Medical Spa

Is your spa as clean as you think?

Is your last pedicure responsible for your unsightly infection?

Far too often in our jobs as podiatrists, we’ve had to care for the consequences of an unclean or unsafe pedicure.

Insufficient sterilization methods, contaminated water, and even improper practices (such as cutting cuticles too short) can leave you with a nasty fungal or bacterial infection, or even ingrown toenail, after what should have been a relaxing day at the spa.

It’s such a big problem, in fact, that we decided to open our own medical spa!

At Silicon Valley Podiatry Group, you can enjoy a totally relaxing, totally clean, totally safe spa experience—owned and supervised by podiatrists, and operated by licensed medical nail technicians. You deserve pampering that won’t put your feet and hands at risk, so you can be totally relaxed and rejuvenated!

Waterless Option

Contaminated water in foot baths and spa chairs is one of the main causes of infection from a spa, and may not be the best choice for guests who are at higher risk—such as those with diabetes.

Even if the water is changed between each guest and the tub itself is cleaned, germs and unclear water can still congregate in the piping or the turbines. Plus, when your feet have absorbed a lot of water, they become much more pliable and thus more likely to get cut or damaged.

That’s why we offer waterless pedicures and manicures as an option at our spa. Going waterless allows us to maintain the highest possible standards of sanitation. Plus, it’s easier for the nail technician to identify and deal with problem areas like calluses and rough skin.

That being said, we also offer “standard” manicure and pedicure services with water for those who want it. Although this is technically not quite as safe, it is appropriate for those who are not high-risk. We are happy to talk with you about which option—water or waterless—is best for your situation.

Surgical-Grade Sterilization

All of our reusable tools are made from stainless steel, and they are always steam sterilized in an autoclave after each and every guest. This is a pressure chamber that uses saturated steam at nearly 250 degrees to fully eliminate all micro-organisms.

This is the same standard used to sterilize surgical tools. It goes far beyond the state standards and regulations. It’s quite simply the highest standard available.

Single-Use Disposable Tools

If a tool cannot be sterilized in the autoclave, it will never be used more than once. Towels, files, and buffers are always brand new and never shared between clients. Once we’re finished, you can either take it home with you, or we’ll dispose of it properly and safely.

This extends to the gloves we use as well. That probably should be obvious, but you might be surprised at what some other salons will do to save a few bucks.

Doctor-Owned, Medical Nail Technician-Operated

Our fully licensed nail technicians understand how to properly care for your feet and hands during a pedicure or manicure, and can identify problem areas that may need further medical attention.

And if your nail technician does spot something, one of our doctors will often be available for a quick consult—of at the very least, to make scheduling a follow-up appointment a breeze.

Who Should Get a Medical Pedicure or Manicure?


Of course, our spa services are especially important for those with a medical condition that puts them “at risk,” such as diabetes or vascular disease.

However, anyone can pick up an infection from an unclean spa. Cleanliness is important no matter who you are, and you won’t find a cleaner, safer, or more relaxing place to enjoy a pedi or mani than you will at SVPG.

You do not need to be a podiatry patient or have any specific medical needs to benefit from, or truly enjoy, our medical spa services. All are welcome!

If you’re ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the safest, cleanest, and flat-out best pedicure or manicure you’ve ever had, please give our San Jose office a call today at (408) 358-2666.