Pitted Keratolysis

As we mentioned in our last blog itchiness, dry, scaling skin can be a condition called Athlete’s foot due to a skin infection caused by fungus. However, sometimes patients tend to show other symptoms that most likely are not caused by Athlete’s foot but by Pitted Keratolysis.

Pitted Keratolysis is a skin infection that is caused by bacteria. It is associated with stinky feet and excessive sweatiness. Some other symptoms include:

  1. Bad odor coming from the soles of the feet
  2. Small holes or indentations on the soles of the feet, measuring around 0.5 mm to 7 mm in diameter.
  3. Excessive sweating not caused by exercise or heat
  4. Maceration, when the skin becomes lighter in color and wrinkly due to long exposure to moisture, such as sweat
  5. Pain or itching while walking

People who go barefoot and live in tropical areas are more common to develop this condition.

Some recommendations to avoid Pitted Keratolysis are:

  • Avoid wearing tight shoes and socks
  • Let your shoes air out regularly
  • Use cotton socks that are absorbent
  • Dry thoroughly your feet every time you shower

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