The Best Golf Shoes for 2021, According to our Podiatrists

With California lifting masks regulations and many places opening up and returning to normal, many of us, our spouses, friends, and family are returning to normal activities. There is nothing best to enjoy the hot, sunny weather golfing! So, whether you are just starting out or play pro, the best golf shoes must provide comfort and stability. Here is a list of recommended golfing shoes for you!

For Beginners: Not looking to invest a lot in your shoes but some that are comfortable and lightweight.

Skecher’s Men’s Go Golf Max Cut Golf Shoes
Skecher’s Women’s Go Golf Max Cut Golf Shoes

For Intermediate Players: very light and comfortable

Adidas CodeChaos Golf Shoes
Footjoy Flex XP Women’s Golf Shoes

For Professionals:

Nike Air Max 1G Men’s Golf Shoes
Nike Air Max 1G Women’s Golf Shoes