What to Expect After Bunion Surgery?

After a consultation regarding Bunion Surgery, many patients wonder, well what should I expect after surgery? They receive all the information regarding the surgery and what should do before, yet many wonder what is expected after? Will I be in pain? Can I go back to normal activity right away? Well, we are here to give you some answers!

You should expect a Post-Operative consultation with your surgeon 3 days after your surgery. At this time, your dressing from the surgery will be removed and a new dressing will be applied. You are expected to continue to weight bear as tolerated and wear your post-surgery shoe for another 2 weeks. Rest, Ice, and Elevate your surgery foot.

Two weeks after surgery, your sutures will be removed, and a light bandage will be applied. You may start getting your foot wet in the shower; however, no soaking or swimming is advised. Compression socks will be recommended to wear, and you may gradually transition into approved athletic shoes over the next 2 weeks.

Four weeks after surgery, you will be advised to start physical therapy 1-2 times per week for a total of 4 weeks. You can now wear athletic shoes at all times when walking.

Eight weeks after surgery, you may gradually transition to other approved shoes at this time, Range of Motion exercises and stretching exercises are recommended.

Twelve weeks after surgery, this will be your final consultation! You may return to previous activities and shoes without any restrictions.

As you can see, bunion surgery takes time; however, the recovery process is not too complicated and in 3 months you can return to previous activities without restrictions.

For more information, schedule an appointment with one of our podiatrists. They will be glad to give you more insight and diagnosis for your own situation.