Personalized Care with Advanced Treatment Options

We understand that in order to provide the best treatment to our patients, it’s not enough to simply have a diagnosis, or even the results of a comprehensive foot exam. We also need to get to know our patients—understand where you’re coming from, what your goals are, what you want out of treatment.

We have also committed to incorporating the latest research, evidence-based procedures, and treatment technology into our practice. That way, we truly can offer our patients service that goes above and beyond what you find in most other podiatric clinics, including:

  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy, a conservative treatment for tendon pain and other soft issue injuries that accelerates natural healing and can be an extremely effective alternative to surgery.
  • Medical grade prefabricated orthotics (our own line) and custom orthotics built using digital scans, for the most precise and effective biomechanical correction.
  • Bilateral bunion surgery, which allows immediate walking for most patients and has a much shorter recovery period than traditional surgery.
  • Stem cell membrane wound covering for diabetic ulcers, which accelerates wound healing and reduces scar formation. It is applied at our own on-site wound care center, which is not only extremely convenient for our patients but also provides a substantial cost savings over using a hospital-affiliated wound care center.